Quiet Sunday morning ~

Quiet Sunday morning ~
Maya teaching Maxy to read

a teeshirt Re -fashion passion

a  teeshirt  Re -fashion passion
bubbleskirt dress re-fashion by yours truly

Sunday, January 9, 2011

" the mariposa barbie safari"

my old stash of silk flowers and new fabric hairbands

I am feeling guilty for the six week absence and apologies are in order, so here I go "SORRY"  Big deal right?

                 When you only have  a handful of followers, all of whom you have been in contact with over the holidays, it really is no big deal, I plan on shamefully soliciting some new followers, so I can boast to other sewing bloggers that I am following!

As you all know first hand..I have not been idle! Right up to Christmas Eve I was busy sewing to fill special orders. I made and sold the bulk of 15 of my popular toddler book bags , 11 for friends/clients of my marketing manager, my sister Roxanne. She rocked my christmas shopping funds ...including buying ALL of my "scrappy zip bags". Yaaaaay sis !! also sold  a toddler blanket, and some sleeved bibs.

I made 2 sofa cushions for 2 of my boys, in masculine patterns ( abstract) shades of rich brown faux suede... and sewed my first tote bag with a zippered closure and matching smaller zip bag for my dear mother-in- law, in a pretty red, white and navy denim type fabric. I was really pleased with these ...but...because I was on a deadline I did not manage any photos of these last items. I will take some pics during visits of above mentioned familys' homes, and post them at a later date.

The blessings just keep on comin' for me...a distant (BC) cousin has requested a baby blanket with 2 matching burp cloths, and so I will choose fabrics and make these this upcoming week. The baby that will receive this gift was born in November and needed surgery and a stay in hospital, but although still tiny, is thriving. God bless her!

finished hairbands..aren't they pretty?

Since she is family I plan to sew and include some little thing from me, to put in her parcel.

My 5 yr old niece Madison requested a special something before the holidays...but being so busy, I decided instead of trying to make it then, I would save the project for a special  " because I love you so much" surprise for later in the "blah" month of January,

when I get my predictable January post holidays blues.

She requested a hairband like '' mariposa barbie". Being completely unfamiliar with this creature.  I googled her and up she popped .The said hair creation is pretty, but really more like a wreath. Remembering my stash of pastel, fabric headbands, I pictured it in my mind,   a do-able  project I could play around with, use up some items I already had , and she would still think mine/hers was just as awesome!

So I found my trusty hot glue gun, my stash of flowers, (leftovers from crafts of earlier days) but lo, and behold...no purple and hardly any pink flowers (as she specified) and not a sign of sparkly butterflies that I was told were mandatory for a self-respecting"mariposa barbie" lookalike!

Well after speeding to my local value village and taking a shortcut to the closest Walmart...I managed to score all the supplies I would need to rock this project !! 

I could not fathom creating a flower and butterfly covered hairband for Madison, and nothing for my darling Maya, who, at 2 yrs old, copies and  emulates  everything her older cousin does.
 I made Mayas' in assorted colours and took photos this time.
They turned out really pretty, and on a scheduled saturday Madison visit and stayover, I presented them to both girls.

Madison squealed with delight (&  my heart swelled) and she pronounced hers' perfect and beautiful, and told me all her friends would wish they had one ( tactful 5 yr old speak for
"they will all be jealous as hell").

Maya wasn't too keen to model for me so I stuck in a video to occupy her!

They both tickled me by wearing them for the good part of a day, and therefore assuring me,  that it was OK to go on a mission,  or a safari, if necessary, in order to track down all items needed to   satisfy the whims of these two little girls.
 That I love and adore them...
is all the reward I need, apparently.( believe you me,  seeing these two enjoying/wearing something I created just for them, makes me ridiculously and embarrassingly happy).

my adorable, beautiful Maya

That it made everyone happy, brought attention to me, that with this joy, brings opportunity, and responsibility as a grandmother/auntie   I have a really important role in those little ones' lives.

I do not remember much of my grandmothers, and my aunties were further away then, than now( with internet etc),or deceased before I was grown enough to appreciate and reach out to them.

 These little girls are my blessings;  they are teaching me, and I am learning,  how womens' roles change, yet remain the same,  down through the years of lifes' journey.

my gorgeous, reliable, favourite little model

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